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Favorite Heroes of the Storm Community Show in 2014
Poll ended on Mar 17, 2015
Where is Jesse "salty" Cox?
03/10/2015 12:28 PMPosted by VladOST
Where is Jesse "salty" Cox?

We love Jesse!

However, his streaming of Heroes really didn't start til the tail end of 2014/beginning of 2015. A number of these names were pulled from data we received from Twitch. A majority of these streamers had put in a certain number of hours we were looking for when the list was compiled.

Don't worry, we're already keeping an eye on all the streamers of 2015. If they continue to keep it up, they'll make the list for 2015 easily.
With apologies,

I've had to do some heavy editing to fix a mistake I made in embedding the polls. I removed several posts in order to help this discussion thread make sense.

The topic is the category of community shows on Twitch, not individual streamers. You'll find the individual streamers polls and discussions here and here.
This is amazing I am honored to be apart of Stormcast and on the list!!!
I agree with Notch, this is awesome. Thank you so much for nominating the Nexus Podcast on Thrilled that we have such a vibrant community already:)
So humbling to see our podcast in the poll...our listeners are amazing! The Heroes community is truly phenomenal. Much love and thanks from your hosts at HotScast!!!

-NerdiChar <3
Great list. I love Into the Nexus!

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