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Battleground Feedback
I have been playing for awhile now and I am enjoying the game. You have something going with all the objectives.I think there needs to be more emphasis on the rpg elements of the game. Your taking the moba in a new direction it's not all about the team fights. You can build to try to push hard or go for kills you really have to defend. I would like to see more siege type modes where pushing and defense are more important than just you get 5 heros I get five heros and fight. You have to mix it all together and make it it's own thing. You can have all of this stuff together and make it work. It should feel more like an rts raid/moba /seige defense I you can even throw in in arene brawls. Like say game is going long after like 30 mins everyone ports to an arena and battles it out and shifts the battefeild. I dont know just throwing my ideas out there.

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