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Divergent Gaming is looking for 4 to 5 more people to solidify team 3 . We are looking for casually hardcore gamers that are looking to take it to the next level...Tournaments.


- You must be at least 25 years of age for team 3 because I'm an old guy and I can't handle teenager shenanigan's

- You must have thick skin and be willing to take criticism as well as give it. We don't learn if we don't know what we're doing wrong.

- You must have a working pair of headphones as we use Team Speak for quick/hero matches and will use it in ESO tournaments as well.

- There is no MMR minimum required, you just have to be willing to attend the 2 practices a week for chemistry and synergy (Practice times are every Wed and Sun at 9:30pm est. with an optional practice Sat at 10pm est.)

a. We know life happens, if you can't make it to a practice let us know by posting on the forums @ http://Divergentpath.weebly.com/

Many of you can apply and there will be tryouts with some of the rest of the team during the week. We will have various members run with you and let you know in approximately a weeks time if you made the cut. You will need to run with at least 2 members in a quick match 3 times in one week. We will friend you, come and find us and ask us to run games. We don't hold hands. If you don't run enough games with us then we won't bother with you. I will post on here when tryouts are over and we have cut off recruiting. Hope to talk to some of you soon.
where do you go to apply?
Right here. You state if you're interested and we will run with you. You don't fill anything out, just let us know if you're interested on this forum.
I am very interested, im curretnly sitting at plat mmr i really prefer playing assassins over anything but can fill where needed
What's your battle net name DeadRabbit? I will friend you and advise others to do that same that I will ask to run with you. This weekend will be a good time to get games in for any interested

If you aren't on when I'm on my battlenet name is Vedano#1437. If you see me on, ask me to set up a time.
I'm interested in starting a team/joining one I have some beta keys but can't seem to spark any interest in my guild mates on wow to play. Have mic and years of moba game type experience and time. my bnet tag is Kaeth#1486
I am super interested. I'm 25 and am down to play really good games. I don't like a lot of bull!@#$ and admit when I do something wrong. I play games well. For instance I beat LK on heroic mode in WoW at 5% buff which hardly any clans did, and am a master league SC2 player (top 1-2%).

My details are Gilmourr#1137
I'm interested. Unless something happens I'll be able to attend the practices and I have a working microphone/earphones. As of the time I'm writing this, I've played 439 games and won 238 of them. I main Brightwing, am best with supports but I can play assassins and some tanks as well.

Dash#2332, pretty much always online if I am at the computer
I've sent out friend requests to those that left their battle.net names. If you are interested tonight or tomorrow to run some games with us let me know.

I am interested. Apollo#2389. Will play any role.

Interested. Carnage#1742 Ranged Assassian
Friend those who showed interest and we have time today to get some tryout games in today if interested. If you are on message me or I will message you. Looking good so far and thank you all for your responses. Keep them coming.
Interested. Fearlessdoom#1481
Interested if you are still looking. Iridescence#1960. Lvl 10 Rehgar with tons of games on just him. Thrall, Tyrael, and Sgt.Hammer to fill my other classes.
Hi, I'm interested. I've got to level 10 with Tyrael and Abathur. I enjoy being support but don't mind the odd melee role like Arthas or Sonya when needed.

Played sport IRL at an elite level so I know dedication, I can take criticism, love to win and I enjoy training with a team. Lilyth#6753
I am very interested and would like to play a few with you guys and see how it goes.

Hi mates,
I'm 22 years old.
I have just 150 ranked match, rank#11 right now.
Please contact with me.

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