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To get back to the OP's topic.
Would the information that would be presented via a public log be used more for good uses as such as you have posted, or would it be used more for segregation, elitism, and epeen wagging?

I think you know the answer to that if you have been around the internet for more than a day.
let the epeen waving begin
Yeah, it sucks that they didn't make public profile for HOTS: Wanna show off all the stuff I own (heroes, skins), achieved, etc :)
03/30/2015 05:39 AMPosted by Iconoclast
03/30/2015 05:36 AMPosted by ksdg
There is hidden MMR in quick match

is that the reason why people with 800+ games are being teamed up or against with people with just 30 games?

A person with 800 games can have bad MMR. Just like a player with 30 games can have good MMR.

Not sure what your question is?
Buy heroes, create a cool collection, only not to be able to show it off as url-link on steam profile. Juuust ''lovely'' :(
Want to know why this is the only Blizzard game not to have profiles? Because they already gave up on this game. This is the only game Blizzard doesn't give a crap about.
03/30/2015 05:36 AMPosted by ksdg
There is hidden MMR in quick match and there is mmr in HL. So no matter how good you are you'll have close to 50% win rate. The difference between good and bad player is that good one matches with other good players and bad player with other bad players.

Then why do I have a 74.5% win rate, while my friend has just 59.3%, being equally skilled, or probably better? That doesn't make sense.

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