HotS giving me crashes and blue screen of death.

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So I just started playing HotS two days ago (4th of april), and that day the game ran just fine, no problems with installation or starting up. Then, yesterday, I started to crash to desktop with the HotS window still being "filled in". Only option were to open the task manager and ending the process, were it said it was not running, and same for I ended HotS and to re-open them, logged in and started the game again. When I tried to play again, whether I rejoined a current game or started a new one, I got bluescreen and my PC restarts. This has happened several times now and I've tried lowering settings, repairing the game, checked if my drivers are up to date (they are). I don't know what to do. If this keeps up, I will have to stop playing this game so that I won't cause more harm to my graphics card. Any help is appreciated!
I had the same issue, if you have any programs running with game overlay such as xfire, overwolf or AMD Gaming Evolved, turn them off, it helped me.
I´ve had the same problem for a while now. i have tried nearly everything from reinstalling windows to drivers/updates. nothing seems to help. it keeps crashing/blue screen randomly when i´m loading a game to start.sometimes it works, most of the time it doesnt. it´s unplayable atm for me . i´m gonna try what fubister said see if that helps
no luck for me, it keeps crashing my pc
I have been having this exact issue since sylvanus patch and have tried several fixes however I am yet to find a prevention for the need to close with task manager. I did find out if I wait about 3minutes after closing heroes to try to reopen it I do not have blue screen. If I try before 3min, blue screen very quickly. There is another thread discussing RAM that sounds possible as I had this same blue screen years ago trying to find a stable overclock for my ram on old comp. The fact that waiting 3min works also seems to suggest that some piece of hardware is being overworked or getting too hot.
I ended up trying a fix tonight which seems to be working. First time since patch I was able to play 4 games straight without issue. If you right click the desktop icon and open file location, right click the exe which launches heroes and go to properties. Set to compatibility mode for win7 and also check to run as administrator. Do this while logged out of bnet. Start up launcher and run heroes as you normally would. I don't know what your current setup is but I am running windows 7. Also should note I am running the 64bit client. I realize that may sound counter intuitive with the fix but if it's working I'm happy. Hopefully this helps you as well.

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