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When the pots from the Plant Terror could still damage buildings, I had just dropped one and tried to hit E to sprint away, but hit R instead and instantly died.

Right after a team fight which my team won, I was playing as BW so I stayed in the bottom lane to soak XP until I was needed elsewhere. Got sidetracked typing to a friend and didn't notice the enemy team had rezzed. They happily came to the bottom lane and ganked me alone. Almost cost us the game.

It took me to almost level 10 on Arthas to realize that pressing D resets his AA lol....
Time to ressurrect!

Many times blind flying with fal into a death ball.

Playing as Rehgar and our team was fighting in our minion wave, went to use AH and I think I ended up healing the minion. The person died, my bad.

Playing stitches yesterday in QM. Took friendly hook talent for fun. Ended up pulling a fleeing li ming back into the enemy, she died.
As Nazeebo, Zombie Walled myself in with an opposing Kerrigan once. That was a short scuffle.
Died three times in one match because I was trying to run away but didn't realize I was clicking on the minimap and wound up running head-on into the enemy.
1 team mate was being pursued by the enemy. Muradin Haymaker at the wrong time pushed the enemy in the wrong direction...
Laughably bad mistakes? I got one. Towers of Doom, we were winning and had just been pushing bot lane. I, as Tychus, thought I was pretty safe in my survivability. Of course, then the rest of my team started to back up, and I panicked and lost track of where my mouse was pointing right as their Nova picked her target for her Triple Tap.

Their Nova had three shots to kill our Li Ming. Not one shot hit Li Ming. First shot hit me because of poor positioning on my part. Second shot hit me because I dashing into it on accident. Third shot killed me because I had just used my dash and was already right in front of it.

Later that match I was reminded of how big the Odin is by bodyblocking myself to death in front of our Azmodan. I don't know why I dashed forward and then used the Odin.

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