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Someone might have already come up with this idea or the gnomes and goblins at blizzard might be working on something like this and I don't know about it.I have this Idea to bring world of warcraft arena to heroes of the storm. You could run a two lane map with a middle area similar to battlefield of eternity. But the middle area would be a closed off arena with the two lanes on top and bottom of it with maybe some mercs on either side.What would make it like A wow arena match is the event on this map is at certain time in the game everyone is teleported to the arena the minions continue to attack and do there thing in lane but the arena becomes a 5v5 team battle with no mercs or minions but maybe some type of power ups for battle. You could have it be a set time of 3 to 5 mins for the fight and whomever is left standing on the winning team instead of spawning a minion it could be that the, People left alive or even the team left alive heroes get a gladiator buff some type of damage increase or move speed for set amount of time on the play field. You could run it two lanes or 3 or 4 really its up to you.I thought it was a good idea I'm sure if you guys at blizzard brainstorm on it you could come up with something even cooler from this base concept.
How would this work with heroes respawning?

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