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Yo, which patches removed the warcraft-esque decaying merc bodies and nerfed tyrande's boobs? I need to know for, uh... science?
Since the last patch, I've had to fight teams with 2 supports where my team has 0. Or fight 4 tanks/bruisers and my team has 4 specialists which do no damage. Care to explain?
worst patch blizzard ever have making 0 match making 33% win chance and raynor to damn op so bad a patch......
Todays patch makes a sad panda... Raynor's Pepper had the right amount of salt... those who can't take the heat should stay out of the kitchen.... /undoraynornerf
That nerf on HAMMER.
I`m used to be main Hammer, but now, with this NERF, hammer is usuless =(

Please, back to original hammer.
where are the patchnotes for patch 2.35.2 ??
Bug Fixes

Heroes, Abilities, and Talents

Artanis: Fixed an issue that could cause Shield Overload to trigger twice in some rare instances.
Malfurion: Fixed an issue that could cause Malfurion to have negative Health Regeneration.

We go from and to the Mephisto we just got this patch? Is that a joke? Did the design team even look at how the Diablo team previously made Mephisto? I'm a Diablo player, moreso than 99% of people here, but I'm not even sure I wanna buy this one hahaha... cheesus christ that's a sad character design for this game. Looks nothing like him in Diablo. Epic fail is epic.

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