Simple change to make Rexxar a great playing experience

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Give us complete control of Misha using D, similar to how you control water elementals with R, let us command her to positions as well as too attack particular targets. To keep people from abusing this or split laning you can have Misha return to Rexxar if she gets X distance away from him. Do not make it constrictive though. She needs to be able to facecheck bushes for him, scout,peform aggressive body blocks, and run the perimeter while your handing in coins or webweaver marks. This seemingly small change will drastically improve his quality and playstyle, bring him from something boring and lackluster to something more unique and intriguing. In the long run it will help players work on their micro so they can play their way to Lost Vikings without as steep a learning curve.

Edit:Set her to follow while mounted. So people cant harras with her from mounted, when your channeling hearthstone so does she, quality of life stuff, etc.
Super simple. Just this plus alt+D to bring her back to you. Or D and clicking yourself. Super simple stuff. I scout and have better control over raynor's raiders than misha.
Like the alt-d idea
You can control your wow hunter's pet, so I think this would be a great change. But you shouldn't be able to control her as free as a viking that's not wow.
Hence her distance limitation from rexxar, she shouldn't be able to roam far enough to enter another lane (midfield).
i love playing against illidan when the hunt is off cd i'm a free kill for him :)
rework rexxar into an assasin - having a melee and ranged mode(trait) and summoning pets to aid him
That distance limitation wouldn't be able to keep rexxar from being present in two lanes on small maps though (spider queen for example)
No, this would not only make her flat out worse (not being able to use Misha while mounted? What?) but honestly would make her take even MORE micromanagement than she does now. Where she's pretty intuitive.

Using R to control the Ultralisk/Water Elemental is fine for those short bursts, but having to move around the map constantly telling your pet what to do would just get tedious.

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