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The team EXP system is what sets apart HotS from other MOBAs. While this system does have its merits in promoting teamwork (no last hitting, killstealing), it does have its flaws. One of them is the snowball effect: a team that reaches level 10 earlier than the other team is likely to remain dominant for an extended period of time. I will not deny that it is possible for a losing team to make a comeback (I have experienced this many times), but I do want to minimize this snowballing effect.

What I propose is the middle ground between traditional MOBAs and HotS:

Each player gains experience individually, but with this set of criteria:
1) Assists and kills are both considered takedowns and as such will give the same amount of EXP.
2) Being in the vicinity of a minion's death gives a minion's worth of EXP. Players are to be rewarded for helping push their lane.
3) Structures will continue to grant global EXP to the team, but more so for a player if he assisted in destroying the structure.
4) Playing the objective grants bonus EXP. Capturing a Dragon Shire Shrine and killing objective-based minions such as Sky Temple Guardians, Haunted Mines goblins, and Garden of Terror Shamblers grants more EXP than farming lane minions.

I would like to preserve the intense focus on team coordination, but also add an individual skill element to the game. This is just a set of ideas I thought of in my spare time--these are by no means the final parameters for this system.

Feel free to comment!
Here we go again. A wall of text thinly disguising an "I want to carry" suggestion.

Every last permutation of this has been beaten to death already, and the answer from Blizzard and the community has been final: "Hell NO."
I understand that the team EXP system is a distinct characteristic of HotS, but like any system, it does indeed have flaws.The problem is more or less the large power spike at level 10 for an entire team. This is what I primarily want to call to attention, not that "I want to carry". If I wanted to solo carry, I would be playing a different MOBA. I want more people playing the objective and involving themselves in teamfights.

A potential solution is to balance individual and group incentives. In this case, players are to be individually rewarded for playing the objective, but they are also rewarded for assisting in teamfights. I would like to keep the no-kill-stealing no-last-hitting approach, but do add individual incentive to playing the objective and participating in team fights. This would not only mitigate the level 10 powerspike experienced by a team, but also allow for the learning of proper prioritization in games for newer players. Theoretically, with the exception of AFKers, the standard deviation of levels among team members will generally be 1 and in some cases 2.

The majority of individual EXP will be coming from playing the objective, since HotS is a roaming-intensive game and teamfights happen frequently involving the majority of team members, not from solo takedowns. Solo takedowns constitute a minute fraction of EXP gained as opposed to repeated participation in objectives and large team fights.

I will admit that I am not an active forum participant and I apologize if these parameters have been extensively discussed previously. If this is the case, please lock this thread. Thank you!
09/29/2015 01:57 AMPosted by DefyGravity
The problem is more or less the large power spike at level 10 for an entire team.
I hardly ever see that as a problem. Even if you get behind all you need to do is play defensive for a bit, lvling below lvl 10 is really fast. It only is a problem on certain maps where important objectives might spawn at that time frame, but again, that hardly ever happens since the frame is usually way too short.
Theoretically, with the exception of AFKers, the standard deviation of levels among team members will generally be 1 and in some cases 2.


Theoretically, the gap between the two teams should never be more than 3 levels according to Blizzard.

You suggestion still creates power disparity between players, which Blizzard has stated they do NOT want under any circumstances, and it will cause games to snowball much harder since those 1 or 2 buffed-up heroes will dominate objective battles and render it impossible for lower-leveled players to contest them.

Your proposal fixes nothing, and makes many things worse. Period.
Seems silly. Abathur/TLV are completely broken by these changes, they can't contribute to their team in nearly the same way.

Currently, (a good) aba/tlv gives the team a level lead, but make it easier to lose that with misplays (because less real bodies/more deaths). It would be very sad to have to either nerf them to the ground (and leave their exp mechanics, so they'll hit 20 roughly 7 years before all other chars, but their 20 stats will be garbage) or remove what makes them interesting... and then I'd stop playing.

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