Overwatch vs HotS !

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Heroes is superior because I own a 32 bit OS and ain't interested on migrating yet.
Moba game =/= shooter game.

It's fine if you want to carry a team because you are "pro" at something. I play OW and HOTS. I play this game because you need to think a little bit more on your moves and talent choices where as OW you point and shoot.
I can actually carry in League of Legends.

And there is the reason I play League.
10/27/2015 07:31 PMPosted by Hotpwnsta
Two different games, but I can't believe how these 2 games are from the same company.

One has an awesome, modern game engine w/ a great UI.

Other has an outdated, archaic game engine w/ an ugly UI.

Guess HOTS is the bastard child Blizzard hates. :\

its got a new ui fam
05/27/2016 05:43 PMPosted by PeNdRaGoN
I can actually carry in League of Legends.

And there is the reason I play League.

saltiest trash game
10/27/2015 06:09 PMPosted by EvilMoogle
I can actually carry in Overwatch.


Feels good!

I doubt I'll ever touch HotS again unless this game drastically changes where the individual can truly make plays.

My last play of the game as Widowmaker the enemy cart had almost reached our base. I headshot the Mercy. I took out the Reinhardt that she was healing right after and then I dropped a venom mine down right behind the cart and proceeded to take out 2 more people before the timer ran out and we won.

It's moments like that where I enjoy being a gamer. It's sad that I can't remember the last time I had an experience like that in HotS where I truly felt like I made a huge play.

See you guys in Overwatch! If anyone sees me hit me up for some games!

Blizzard actually agree that the game needs tools for Improving Individual Impact. But we dont want a hard fed carry's and drama queens that demand to be fed and protect for 3/4 of the game.
Ofc Widowmaker and ofc quick match
I find Overwatch to be just as bad as when it comes to "carrying". Sure you can get a lot of kills as Widowmaker when the enemy team doesn't try to counter pick you. Seriously whenever the enemy team has a really good Widowmaker i just pick Winston and destroy them. Even the best Widowmakers i have seen can't deal with a Winston as he is designed to be a hard counter to her. And it is funny to see these Widowmaker mains never switching off of her even though i have made her pretty much useless for their team.
tfw nobody realizes necro
2015 necro......

It would take less effort to resurrect a T-rex then it took to resurrect this thread.

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