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Hey guys!Since i don't believe im going to be that lucky to get Cho'gall through random seeding,if anyone would like to let me play with them so i'd be able to acquire Cho'gall(and give the generous person that does let me play with them,that sweet 2200 gold if he/she hasn't gotten it yet) i'd really appreciate it,i want to be another "infected" so i can spread the Cho'gall "virus" as much as i can!:)

Hey everyone...I'll be playing games throughout the day tomorrow during my stream to partner up and help spread cho'gall. Follow me for when I go LIVE.
I'm love this game and you guys so much. Please add me to share Cho'Gall to me. With quite much experience at Hero League rank 1, i will bring wins and fun for u. Thanks!
My Batttag is QuangVinh#1238 (Americas)
I will request to add some bro at page 1 & 2 of this thread, thank you guys
Would like to catch a case of Cho'Gall if someone would be nice enough to spread it to me
Hey i am also looking for a Cho Gal partner really want him but im most certainly not getting randomly selected.
EDIT: Have Cho'Gall, willing to share.

11/16/2015 05:55 PMPosted by Preacher
Like most others, will be looking for some help unlocking Cho'Gall, thanks.

Hoping to find someone to spread him to me =] I would greatly appreciate anyone who took their time to help me out <3

I would love to be able to duo with anyone so I can get him =), Just add and gogogo !

11/16/2015 01:26 PMPosted by Trikslyr
[url=""]Cho'Gall[/url] is slated to hit the Nexus tomorrow. As a reminder, you will not be able to purchase him in-game. Players will gain access to Cho'Gall for the following reasons:

  • BlizzCon attendee
  • Randomly selected
  • Purchased a Virtual Ticket
  • BlizzCon Loot Code

  • If you do not fall under the umbrella of options mentioned above, don't worry! You can unlock Cho'Gall through a special quest.

    Simply win two games with a friend who owns the character, and he will become available to you.

    Post below if you'd like to help spread Cho'Gall to other players, or perhaps join others to unlock him for yourself.

    Good luck, all! Spread the Cho'Gall virus throughout the Nexus!

    I see how it is. My "official" thread wasn't official enough for the likes of you :)
    How the hell are most players supposed to get Cho'gall?!

    Quick, tell me...

    1. How many actual friends you even have.
    2. How many of them play video games.
    3. Plays (or even knows) MOBAs
    4. Among your MOBA playing friends, how many play HotS over it's more popular competitors.

    And when you finally fullfill all 4 of the above...

    5. Have a schedule that complements yours so you can find the time to play a MOBA together without either one being distracted by life.

    PS - 6. That HotS playing friend of yours with the exact perfect schedule...even have Cho'gall to begin with!
    Just a quick question - with friend, does it mean you actually have to have them on your friendslist or is it just basically be in a group? I realize often the two coincide but... for clarity!

    I personally don't know anybody that qualifies (I think, barring random!) but I'm keen to hopefully get my mittens on Cho'gall -sometime- at least.
    I'm buying the bundle tomorrow asap. If anyone wants to add me.

    Definitely open to playing with someone to get cho'gall and then playing with others to allow them to get him! Looks awesome!
    If we are one of the
    11/16/2015 01:26 PMPosted by Trikslyr
    Randomly selected

    when will we know?

    When the patch goes live we log on and the character is just available?

    I need him;
    Fireguard#1833 NA, i'll be on 4 EST+ on tues;
    11/16/2015 02:25 PMPosted by Demona
    I'll have Cho'gall tomorrow. I don't really care which I play. If you need / want him - you can find me here:

    I'm usually on after 3pm central.

    Sent you a friend request homie
    i am looking to catch the virus from someone who has Cho'Gol, am a decent player and iwll play vs Humans or AI to get him :)

    my id is Armoredducky #1532

    playing on Americas

    I'm looking to unlock Cho'gall. Please add me at Nikolai#1209. Thanks!

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