Thrall's Windfury

Bug Report
In the last ranked match I played with Thrall I didn't receive any stacks of Frostwolf Resilience when I used the Windfury ability. I died a lot because I could no longer rely on self-heal, which is the only reason I use Thrall
Yup I noticed same thing, just made a post about it as well.
same thing here not working
Ah good some one posted about it, hopefully this gets fixed soon.
I can confirm this as well.

The problem seems to be with Grace of Air. Once you pick Grace, WF stops giving any stacks instead of giving double.
Noticed it as well. As soon as you take Grace of Air you stop gaining stacks of Frostwolf Resilience. It seems to grant you one stack though if you have 4/5 stacks already but that's it
Confirmed the same just last game. He's getting 0 stacks from windfury. I tested in game and 100% verified. 0 stacks even with a fully talented tempest fury. Should have been 10 stacks and I got 0. Thrall is hereby UNPLAYABLE until this is fixed. Please resolve immediately.
Yeah same here, thought it was just me. Good to know it isn't
same. grace of air makes windfury gives you 0 stacks. So thrall is basically unplayable now
yup, confirmed in test mode. Grace of Air got messed up.
I am glad this is known. I found out the hard way and died repeatedly because I wasn't healing. Hope this gets fixed quickly and they don't wait a week.
Blizz - please sticky this or somehow get the word out. I'm seeing thrall's freak out in-game left and right (much as I did when I first lost a game due to this bug). Please lock out Thrall if you need to. Can't let people unwittingly lose to huge bugs like this.
I just made a QM with thrall, and noticed it aswell... Hope they fix this asap, since Grace of Air is one of Thrall's main talents, and it really breaks the hero, because without the constant healing/mana we die pretty easily, besides, the damage output also suffers from it
Is this fixed yet? Character is not playable
Same here
Sigh, they bugged green jesus. Now all I want to do is play him. Weird how that works.
Just play the chain lightning build until it's fixed. The WF build isn't the only build he has, and a lot of people would argue it is inferior to the CL build in the current meta.
Same here.
thanks for nothing
BUMP still not fixed

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