Warcraft Point & Click Adventure Game?

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Anyone remember Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans? Blizzard's Point & Click Adventure game telling the story of Thrall, how he escaped from Blackmoore's grasp, found his Frostwolf clan and united the orcish clans against the humans. Unfortunately the game was canceled because Blizzard thought it was too 'mediocre' to be published.

You can even watch a Let's Play of that game on YouTube if you're interested in seeing the gameplay. Not to the end, though, since it was never completely finished.

I'm a big fan of Point & Click Adventure games such as the Monkey Island series. Unfortunately this genre is not very popular nowdays. Actually most of the new Point & Click games that were released in recent years were crowdfunded through KickStarter campaigns. The Journey Down, Stasis and Broken Age just to name a few. TellTale Games' games are perhaps the only exceptions and they're quite popular. So I can understand if there is no really big market and audience for this kind of game.

Despite that, however, I would love to see Blizzard making a Warcraft Point & Click Adventure game based on some of the Warcraft novels perhaps. Rise of the Horde, Lord of the Clans, Cycle of Hatred etc.. If Blizzard made a small but dedicated team to make a game(s) like that it may even turn out to be successful because 1. It's motherf*cking Blizzard and 2. because it's about Warcraft. Their most popular IP. I mean look at Hearthstone and how big that game became.

But of course I also must face the harsh reality. I am not expecting Blizzard to ever make any Point & Click Adventure games of any of their franchises. Not if there is no demand for it, that is. So I have this tiny weeny hope that if people asked for it, Blizzard might hire a small team to make an awesome Point & Click Adventure game like that. Perhaps in TellTale Games' style. That would be awesome!

Anyone else here who would like that? Or am I the only one?
My friend i can tell you your're not the only 1.

I would love if this would happen!

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