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I don't really want to re-type the whole thing because of how annoyed I am by it, so I'm just copy/pasting thoughts I just sent to a friend (censored, of course):

Vonriel 11:32 PM
3 ranked games in a row where my team has had at least two people who were almost literal garbage, while the enemy team had two duo queues who were average
this is getting to be some serious bull...
(Friend) 11:33 PM
Vonriel 11:33 PM
I'm never on the team with the two duos, or the team with the competent people, and it's beginning to feel like the matchmaking algorithm they use actually encourages duo queuing with the sheer number of enemy teams I've run into with double duo-queued peo
whatever rank I get isn't going to be representative of my actual skill.. it's going to be representative of how borked their matchmaking is
(Friend) 11:34 PM

And as I typed this, I got into another game where the enemy team had two sets of duo-queued people, while my team has one or none. In the four, now, games I've had, I believe only two have had a duo queue on my team - and for one of them, the duo queue was the direct cause of us losing.

I get player skill is luck of the draw, but come on, stop letting teams end up with two duo queues on them! It's a natural advantage, because you can expect that team to have at least two people who are actively communicating with each other per duo queue, while the other team might have no one.
My problem with the match making is 2 things.

1) if your grouped with 2 peeps then why are they qeued against a full group of 5. if you wanna play with a full group go team builder not quick match. Not fun getting by a full team in team speak. pretty much make if you make a 5 man group you go against 5 peeps or you don't 5 man.

2) Again in quick match you geta support cool. they get 2...

Even if the ques are longer its funner to have a good match rather then just get stomped cause you get screwed by match making...
Stop placing me as the only player not in a group. I get blamed for everything even if I am doing the best, win or lose....

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