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Hi guys, still working on the numbers but I wanted to share the general idea about a hero like this.

Arcturus Mengsk
Revolutionary, emperor of the terran dominion, tyrant

Mengsk is a persuasive cunning hero capable of manipulating the battlefield to his advantage. He uses ruthlessly any strategy to vanquish his foes and is willing to sacrifice anything to ensure his power.

Concept: The idea is to portrait Mengsk as the tyrant leader he is. He is the emperor of the terran dominion and is willing to do anything to keep it that way. Mengsk is described as an incredibly persuasive man who able to create allies where there are none and add them to his cause. He also uses questionable strategies to ensure his power and is willing to sacrifice any ally for his survival and to keep his power. I believe that his 2 ultimate abilities reflect both his concepts as a master manipulator and as a man who is willing to commit any atrocity to vanquish his enemies.
His Q and W reflects him as an emperor who is able to command his forces for his selfish motives, while his E reflects that in order to fulfil his goals Mengsk will just sacrifice one of his allies.
Also the idea is to portrait Mengsk as a strong hero when he is able to surrond himself with minions but as a weaker hero when he is forced to go by himself

Ranged Specialist

Trait: Mengsk is a charismatic leader, all forces around him fight harder when in close proximity to his emperor. Minions and mercenaries around Mengsk get a bonus to their attack speed.

[Ultimate ability 1]: Deploy Psi-emiter: Deploys a Psi-Emiter that attracts zerg forces that attacks foes who get close to them for as long as it is deployed, the zerg will disperse after the psi-emiter is destroyed or redeployed. Can only have 3 psi-emiters deployed on the battlefield at the same time.

[Ultimate ability 2]: Double-Cross: For the next 3 seconds target hero can’t deal damage to Mengsk, any benefitial effects can affect him and all damage caused by target hero can affect his allies as well as his enemies (he can’t still damage himself)

[Q]: At all cost my enemies must fall!: Marks target enemy dealing light damage, all subsequent damage caused by Mengsk and any minion or mercenary affected by his trait is increased against the marked target. Also all allied minions and mercenaries affected by Mengsk Trait inmediatly attack his marked target if they are within range.

[W]: Call dominion elite team: Calls down a dominion specialist team to protect and assist Mengsk on the battlefield. The team will follow Mengsk around the battlefield until they are killed or their timed life ends.

[E]: At all cost protect me!: Target minion or mercenary absorbs all damage that would affect Mengsk for the next 1.5 seconds or until it dies.

Sample Talents:
Improved Trait: Mengsk trait also affects allied heroes, probably using a lower effect for balance reasons.
Improved Double-Cross, Master Manipulator: Targeted hero’s benefitial effects can only affect Mengsk and his allies, damage remains the same.

Improved Psi-Emiter: Deploy psi-emiter has global range.
You too will protect your emperor: At all cost protect me! Can target an allied hero to protect Mengsk, hero must remain within range or the effect will immediatly end.

Remain at your emperor’s side: Dominion elite teams no longer have a timed life, they remain with Mengsk until they are killed. Mengsk can never have more than 4 specialists following him. Any subsequent use of the ability will just dismiss the current specialist team and replace it with a new one.

Also talents like Bribe and Mercenary lord apply very well to Mengsk’s concept.
looking forward for feedback and opinions
something about playing a character designed as a "tyrant" doesn't sit right with me.
Who cares mengsk is awesome.

But should include more awesome visuals, definitely something nuke or ghost themed (since mengsk is strongly tied to them).
These abilities caracterize Mengsk perfectly, but seem too fringe and individual, instead of a concise hero ability kit. This is a game. It has to be fun to play.
Na fits one of my most wanted heroes perfectly. Only issue is I still see him being more a coward and abusing allies, minions, and summons
Hi, unfortunatly I can't draw xD. But I can picture him walking around the battlefield while he smokes a big cigar.

I actually thought about the ultimate "Nuclear Launch" instead of double-cross but I decided for the second one since those nukes are more suited for a terran Ghost.
I'm not overly fond of having so many of his abilities centered around buffing / utilizing minions and mercenaries. That pigeon-holes him into being a laner, and making him rather useless at pretty much everything else. Minions are [currently] so inconsequential to eliminate that his abilities that focus on minions likely won't work out because enemy Heroes will just nuke any nearby minions to neutralize Mengsk.

Maybe they're just placeholders, but the basic ability names are all very clunky; need to be more concise.

I do like the theme of betrayal behind the Double-Cross Heroic; it's definitely Mengsk. I think an alternative version could be more fun and have more opportunity for counter play.

Heroic [R]: Double-Cross
- Mengsk's talent for betrayal gets honed to a lethal edge. Mengsk targets an enemy Hero, and for up to 5 seconds Mengsk cannot be damaged or targeted by enemy Heroes. At any point during Double-Cross Mengsk can activate Double-Cross a second time to deal very high damage to the targeted enemy Hero (must be within a relatively small range of the target Hero). Damage is dealt automatically after 5 seconds as long as Mengsk is within range.

So Mengsk seemingly becomes an ally, only to stab someone in the back at the opportune moment. I think that screams Mengsk. The targeted enemy Hero can attempt to run away from Mengsk, or Supports can shield or ready heals, since they know the window within which Double-Cross can go off. I'm thinking that perhaps Mengsk shouldn't be able to damage enemy Heroes during Double-Cross (or maybe he can, but that would end Double-Cross prematurely). So high damage, but somewhat challenging to pull off expertly.
03/05/2016 08:19 AMPosted by Sahiel
looking forward for feedback and opinions
I like your idea!
The only question I have is, what Starcraft unit would he be? He wouldn’t be dumb enough to go into combat with nothing but a gun, now would he? There’s also the fact that almost every Starcraft character represents a unit in the game. Raynor: marine, nova: ghost, tychus: himself, sgt hammer: siege tank, lt morales: medic, blaze: firebat, Kerrigan: herself, dehaka: himself, zagara: brood Queen, artanis: zealot (technically), zeratul: dark Templar, tassadar: high templar, fenix: dragoon, alarak, also zealot(technically), and probius: probe. The only 2 characters who don’t represent a unit type are abathur and stukov. I’m not sure what exactly Mengsk would pilot. Maybe a hellion? probably something we haven’t seen in hots yet. Idk what he uses in Starcraft 1 since I haven’t gotten that far to even know if he even appears on the battlefield at any point.
I personally like the idea of him being able to manipulate minions and mercs. I think a cool idea in addition to his trait above would be to have him be able to control their movement, have them back behind friendly walls, deny the enemy team some xp and build up a bigger force and them set them free all at once to overwhelm and enemy base.

I also always envisioned him being able to cap camps with a "Guns for Hire" ability. He'd basically stand at the camp and start channeling for 8 sec per merc, spouting propaganda and get the camp without having to throw a single blow.
1 this feels like a Necro and 2 Mengsk will most likely come under the same rule as Stukov, Abathur and Dehaka (technically Kerrigan too) in that he possess's a heavily unique body compared to other characters and he was in a battlecruiser and a siege tank in SC1 both of which seem to be taken in HotS already (raynor heroic and sgt. hammer), dunno about the thread makers choice but this seems like the most likely option.
I like this idea because it gives the portrayal that you are lazy in a sense or that you can fling minions and summons at heroes.
08/09/2018 06:12 PMPosted by Damian
1 this feels like a Necro and 2 Mengsk will most likely come under the same rule as Stukov, Abathur and Dehaka (technically Kerrigan too) in that he possess's a heavily unique body compared to other characters and he was in a battlecruiser and a siege tank in SC1 both of which seem to be taken in HotS already (raynor heroic and sgt. hammer), dunno about the thread makers choice but this seems like the most likely option.

it wouldnt seem right to have the emperor of the the terran dominion to be running around without any armor or outside a vehicle. besides, he would look too much like human form greymane if they had him doing that. seriously, they look almost identical.

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