Are you missing the Spring 2016 Global Championship Portrait?

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Missing portraid here too, I watched on twitch app with my linked account logged on it the 1st April. I have the other portrait of Spring Regional but not the portrait of this Spring Global Champiosnhip.
Did not receive Spring Championship Portrait with Thrall on it please help me in resolving this issue. Thanks
Missing portrait in eu account

5-6 march - Europe
19-20 march - South America and Korea
Missing portrait too (the second, global championship) even if all was in order.
Missing the portraits too
I watched the final did not give portrait. During 1-3 April.
I watched the finals on April 3rd and didn't get the portrait.
I watched the matches on 1 and 2 April. Portrait is not received.Previous 2 portrait i have. It is unfair that someone finally did not look or opened for 5 minutes and got the portrait, but many are not.
I am also missing the Thrall 2016 Korean finals portrait, watched two separate days for like half an hour-hour each.
Missing portrait in eu
19-20 march - South America and Korea
Missing the portrait. Watched the finals. EU
no two portraits. I watched all the championships
Missing both portrait, i've watched both events, regional and finals, and i didnt get any of them as well
Missing the portrait. Watched the finals.
I'm missing mine too. Watched a couple hours each day
Missing it as well
I didn't get the portrait, although I wasn't watching it "live" but I watched the re-run not sure if that counts.

I also haven't received it from watching IEM in Katowice.

My twitch account is connected with
Missing portrait as well, watched it live on twitch which is also connected with my

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