Are you missing Spring 2016 Regionals portrait?

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04/07/2016 08:19 PMPosted by MoonUnit
I've disconnected and reconnected my twitch account about 10 times, and watched for a good hour live Saturday night... no Thrall portrait...

Logged in this morning to find a reward waiting for me, it was the Thrall portrait! Thanks Blizz!!!
i have my twitch account and bnet accounts linked, i have the storm watcher portrait, but i do not have the most recent 2 even though i watched both the regionals and the finals almost in their entirety, really annoying that so many others got them but not me, and i don't get how i can aquire the storm watcher portrait from way back when, not use twitch since then, then use it now during this period and not get them, doesn't make sense to me, and i can't do the "suggested fix" since the championship is over, so for obvious reasons this is not a viable "fix" anymore.
Never got mine for either. Watched em all. Would have watched the games without the portrait, but it kinda sucks I didn't get it regardless.
Just bumping it back to first page for people to find it.
Didn't get mine either watched the whole thing :(
04/08/2016 05:54 AMPosted by BloodElf
Answer from my ticket

Hi there,

After checking your eligibilty internally, I'm afraid we are unable to confirm your accounts were linked correctly and the games were watched live. As such, we will be unable to award the Portraits.

Take care now.

Game Master Ittoldore
Blizzard Entertainment [quote]

Where is the option to submit a ticket? I only get the option to post on the forums.
Got the first portrait but not the second one with Thrall. Maybe it will come in another wave?
I also have my account linked, watched the events and didn't get either of the portraits. I assume we're out of luck or is there anything that can be done?
I've received the regional portrait normally, but not the Thrall one. I did not change twitch settings. Not sure why some have already the finals portrait already.

After my first message here, i received the "finale watching" portrait (with a green Thrall), so THANKS to the support and the people working on it for that ;-).

BUT i still didn't received the other portrait for watching two previous regional semi-finals (i hope it's the good word).
Ive yet to recieve the Thrall portrait
I also never recieved the first lunar fest portrait, where do I !@#$% about that at?
Watched the events, no thrall 2016 portrait yet.
Not received the Thrall 2016 portrait yet.
Same issue.
Watched the North America and Europe Regional Finals with the same account (same settings, etc.) that I had on when I got the Storm Watcher portrait and I didn't get the portrait.
Talked to Customer Support, but they were of no use. Talked to Twitch Support, they were also of no use.
Decided to redo all the steps that came with the announcement for the promotion. Got up at 8:00 AM on a Sunday to watch the last tournament available (Spring Championship Finals) while I was logged into Twitch, and even took a photo for proof.
Time passed, award wasn't sent out, Customer Support was contacted with photo attached, still couldn't help because "photos can't be counted as evidence", Twitch Support couldn't help because... well it's Twitch Support and here I am without 2 Spring Championship portraits, but with a Storm Watcher portrait. How does that work, exactly?
I didn't accidentally link the wrong account. You guys just screwed up something on your end. I had to watch the other championships to get my regional portrait, but I still haven't gotten my thrall portrait despite watching all of the spring championship as well. Get you crap together, blizz and twitch.
I received the Thrall portrait, but not the other Spring 2016 portrait. I linked my account and watched the EU and NA finals, and the championship finals. Any way to fix this?
I linked my account and watched the NA finals, and the championship finals but never received any portraits yet. Thralls my favorite hero and I was looking forward to using his portrait.
I havent recieved my thrall one either, despite watching every second of every event lol, watched it on 3 different devices too.

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