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Hello everyone,

I'm sure if its got 20+ videos on youtube explaining how to exploit it, there is also a way that blizzard recognizes the issue is present but I will never take that for granted.

As of right now, Kael'thas is ruining Hero League, Team League and Quick Match all together. If you die on Kael'thas with his trait Verdent Spheres active on your hero, you come back with an unlimited ability to cast Living Bomb with no cool down or mana cost.

It's being spam chosen in Hero League, Team League, and QM and exploiting any ability to play the game. It happens to fall at a time where Blizzard did something awesome - and made all heroes free to play and gave bonus EXP. But nobody can take advantage with this kind of a bug.

Please Blizzard, hot fix this issue so we can get back to enjoying the game.

Thank you.
This has been reported many times, so search first before posting.

Remove (edit) the text. http://us.battle.net/en/community/conduct#hacks

Reporting players: https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/7285
04/10/2016 12:09 PMPosted by Trees
As of right now, Kael'thas is ruining Hero League, Team League and Quick Match all together.
Just leave this game, before fix
Isn't your post a little melodramatic? I mean, one bug does not "ruin" a game. Oh no, look out, there's a bug/exploit! What will you ever do?!

Blizzard has heard the calls of the masses and are looking into it. They're not (often) idiots, and they probably knew of it a lot faster than the rest of us. They might have been doing some "observing" to see exactly what they're dealing with before they attack it. Then they disabled Kael'thas and, because he's disabled, they're likely going to try to figure out if any other Heroes have that problem.

League of Legends had a powerful, game breaking bug once and had to bring the whole game down. (LINK: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/riot-games/editorial/total-recall-or-time-we-disabled-ranked ) They scrambled all over the place and it took them around 36 hours to fix it... Just read the link above; I'm not going to sit here and paraphrase it.

Point is, one bug is annoying, but we should be thankful that this might be only one pain in the butt... and if they find more serious bugs, we should be thankful they fix that while internally testing, too. Let's also hope they don't bring the entire game down because internal testing found too many bugs that affect gameplay.

tl;dr - Heroes isn't the first game to have a character(s) have bugs. It won't be the last. LoL happened so hard once the game had to be brought down. Let's hope that doesn't happen here. Finally, saying, in all caps no less, that one bug is ruining an entire game is melodramatic. Don't be a tool.
YOU HAVE RUINED KT!! RUINED UNPLAYABLE compared to the other new releases.. like RAG VAR TRACER etc. KT is pile of crap now.

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