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I am not here to complain about Tracer being op. I don't think she is op at all. In TL and HL she has dropped off quite a bit because you can draft to just counter her and her damage output in team fights is not that good compared to KT and Li Ming. However, in qm where it is all randomized assortment comps she dominates. Atleast from my experiences this past week. She extremely unpleasant to play against. Especially as a melee hero (besides zeratul which is my main hero).
If you filter Hotslogs results by QM, you can see she had a 52% winrate this last week. So no, she's not dominating in quick match either. There may be a few comps she dominates, but they're rare enough that her overall win percentage is still close to 50%.
I think what the OP was complaining about wasn't that she dominates QM but that the randomness of QM comps mean she can dominate certain games where there is no one to zone her. Which I agree with. But QM is QM. I just look forward to unranked draft.
Actually Zanbatou I filtered to show just QM Diamond and Master league because that's what level I play on and tracer is the highest win rate in the game. It currently shows a 58.7% win rate second being Nazeebo with a 57.6% win rate. A half decent tracer dominates a QM game, especially one without supports.
05/19/2016 01:36 AMPosted by Daniel
Atleast from my experiences this past week.

Have you been playing Chromie? Tracer eats her up.
No Shinigami I have been playing a whole variety of heroes.
To be fair any hero can shine in QM if your comp is better than the enemies.

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