Arthas Bat costume!

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I paid 10.00 bucks or more for it. It looks great! I love the bat mount! But when I get into the game I am wearing the fist out fit Arthas comes with and the lame Dino mount!!!!!! So I paid all that money to see the one outfit he comes with and the other 15 mounts I have he gets up on the free one. THIS has happed ten times last five in a row. You need to give refunds for this I didn't buy it to show everyone as we pick our heroes only to POP into the game in his free one!!! I play the heroes to level 9 then stop and start a new one. I have all but seven to level 9. I have wasted a lot of games no getting what I paid for. I waited for his new talents over haul to play him and now I cant even get my moneys worth!!
That sounds like a bug. Post in the Bug Report forum. For one, I have also had issues with selecting a hero's skin and starting the game with the base skin since the most recent patch.
I noticed this happened with a chromie in HL.
This happens in HL if you prepick before the gane decides who is going to ban.
I've experienced this bug too. Posted in the bug report forum.

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