Medivh needs more damage

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I understand that Medivh's W and Raven give him some pretty unique tools that no other hero really has. Those two abilities alone, not factoring in the gates and his ults, provides him with a very powerful basic kit.

That being said, he strikes me as a hero that is entirely too team dependent. It's hard to see a scenario where Medivh really makes sense to pick at this point in time, and I feel part of the reason for that is he is not self sufficient as a hero at all. He could use a buff to his Q. Increase the damage and increase the CD, increase the range, whatever. That particular ability should get buffed.

The thing to keep in mind here is that Medivh is a specialist, not a support. He should be able to put up somewhat of a fight by himself. As I have observed, he is still weak in damage even when building into Q talents. Even Abathur and TLV can do really good damage in certain situations.
I think you're right. As of now, when I use him I normally get ETC or Morales type numbers. All he has is his auto-attack and his Q and I feel like I can't really pressure anyone, granted you can easily (if your aggressive with your portals) chase down a hero that has a sliver of health and get that killing blow.

But if you're looking at reddit or what the pros are saying is that he's completely OP and breaks the game because of everything you can do with his portals.

I'm sure blizzard is going to take a long wait and see approach for pugs and their general base to get used to taking advantage of all of the utility that he brings to the table before making any adjustments at all.

Then again it could be like an Uther situation where he's got a low win rate with the general player base but he's got a high win rate/ban with the Pros and Blizzard's stance is that they're fine with that and won't make adjustments because of how well he's doing in the pro-scene.
Clearly people thought he'd be broken because of his W, but his real utility is portals, just that people still haven't learned playing them yet (except pro gamers). Not trefering to people that take Medivh, but that people that play in his team.

I've put many portals in the nose on teammates surrounded or chased, just to see how they ignore them and keep running like a crazy chicken to avoid death. Obviously most of times they end up dying.

But all in all he is quite low on damage to be an specialist, his only real damage dealer is Q, and it's slow and mid-short ranged. If he was cappable at "healing" as a support, it would be OK on his damage, but he's not a healer so it means you are losing 2 members cappable of dealing damage (support and Medivh).
It's the talents. Until level 7 and until you get your 35 hits WITHOUT DYING, you are nothing but a poke noodle. Your only laning talent is locked behind level 20.

Anything that boosts damage is locked behind level 7 as well.

Instead, I think talents need to be shuffled a bit so that you CAN build Medivh for damage AT THE COST OF UTILITY or more utility at the cost of damage.

Will there need to be additional balance on Blizz's part to ensure a full-damage build isn't super OP? Yes, definitely. (I forsee a change like this nerfing "The Master's Touch", which I would be fine with if I could talent Medivh into a more defined role one way or another)

Medivh's talents lack choices that allow you to define how you want to play in regards to damage or utility.
I don't think it's bad for some heroes to be more or less team dependent.

I also don't think there's any value in changing a hero to match a class description. That's so backwards it kind of hurts my brain.

Medivh can do good damage, in specific situations with Q and Arcane Explosion (big melee brawls). It's even AoE damage, which I hope makes you happy because it's very specialist.
06/17/2016 06:32 PMPosted by hero
I don't think it's bad for some heroes to be more or less team dependent.

What he said. It's ok if there's heroes like that. Not every hero has to 100% solo Q viable.
I'm finding more interesting interactions with Medivh:

He could make Illidan more viable.

Arcane Explosion should be your talent when you have 1-2 diving heroes.

I want to try Stitches + Medivh combo:
Hook > Gorge > Portal

In my opinion he only needs AA buff. If he receives (Q) buff, Arcane Charge and The Master's Touch will be nerfed.
06/17/2016 07:29 PMPosted by Elcard
In my opinion he only needs AA buff. If he receives (Q) buff, Arcane Charge and The Master's Touch will be nerfed.

He's a mage, it makes sense his AA isn't very strong.

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