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06/15/2016 11:09 PMPosted by DarthAttack
Illidan, can you stop diving 1v5?

Rest of team:"Shut up, it's his job."

It hurt to read that one, goodness it's even worse when the majority is saying it.
"Don't pick Azmo, hes bad" *at Tomb of the Spider Queen*
It ended with a stompfest at core, everything pushed with spiders and boss, 2nd top hero damage.
quote i found hilarious during a match.

"stupid idiot retard go play QM, Ranked mode with noobs and idiots. Leave the pro gaming to the real pros."

I laughed my !@# off. I was also thinking about putting on youtube and twitter but didn't think about it at the time. lol. I just hope the other alleys in the team didn't report him/her. I didn't.
"You're a condescending ****. Go f*** yourself"

"I got the most damage you guys are noobs" (has more deaths than team combined)

"Hey guys, I won X amount of games with nova so I'm going nova" (2nd picks nova)

"You're such a noob, stop laning!" (When we are down by atleast 2 levels and 1 talent)


I will update more on what I find in diamond HL. Stay tuned for next weeks episode of Hots ball Z!
no aba
"(picks aba over a healer) regen-microbes; I am a healer brah"
"I know the enemy team is all up, but we can still sneak and take the boss."
"It's a good game."
"Hots game play design is fine."
"MM works fine."
"hots have millions of players"
"you can carry in hots"

That is also my quote, and it stands true to this day. If you play conventionally.

Can you carry a game where i would feed 12 deaths, not soak, and f*ck up all fights with trollprisons?

There's a difference between "worst player" and "intentional feeder".

Also, many people fail to understand that many games are unwinnable due to influences outside of your control. This is true of all MOBAs, LoL and Dota included. The point is that over a large number of games, your personal individual skill stands out in winning games and this is reflected in your MMR/Rank.

I saw many times players who died more than 12times, and he wasn't a intentional feeder, he was just that retarded.(If you hope, no even if you would report players with that much death, it doesn't count as a intentional feeder, and blizzard not going to do !@#$ about them being noob.)
btw if a intentional feeder doesn't go afk after feed, he going to have way over 20deaths.
06/16/2016 03:23 PMPosted by sstephen17
I don't like players who think Tyrande can't be solo support.

Depending on your level of play, she can't. She can't really double support either (at the Pro level, anyway). I think she only won on 1 game (BattleField of Eternity) the whole tournament this past week. mYinstanity tried twice vs MVP Black and got stomped both times - the second go was worse than the first.
Me: "Dude why pick Tyrael over Li-ming?"

Him: "think of tyrael as a good support"
90% of people in Blackheart. Just don't lane top unless you're Falstad or something. pls.
06/15/2016 09:01 PMPosted by LordShoe
"i know we already have lili and only one dps. But trust me tassadar is op with tracer. I'm picking tass" -instalocks

If you think Tass and Tracer are a bad couple you are the nooob....
06/20/2016 02:50 PMPosted by Tirigon
06/15/2016 09:01 PMPosted by LordShoe
"i know we already have lili and only one dps. But trust me tassadar is op with tracer. I'm picking tass" -instalocks

If you think Tass and Tracer are a bad couple you are the nooob....

"i know we already have lili
So? Last time I checked everyone was like "Tassadar can't solo support", and while this is certainly not true either there is definitely nothing wrong with Tass + X double support setups. Especially with one like LiLi who can dish out a lot of damage.
"I am one of the great minds of Heroes of the Storm"
While attempting to trash-talk Nova: "Nice siege damage"
06/15/2016 09:57 PMPosted by DuckSauce
noob: heals!
ducksauce: you want heals?
noob: yes plox!
ducksauce: are you sure?
noob: YES!!!!!
ducksauce: then you shoulda picked heals(last picks greymane).
noob1234: FU!!!!!

Yeah and the team then reports you for abusive chat and you eventually would get silenced, even if you didn't say anything abusive.
- Stop solo laning please, we're level 18 and losing all team fight

- Shut up I'm better than you, look at my exp
- Lol Illidan I got more damage than you even if you're an assassin and I'm a specialist * Sgt Hammer
-Blackheart bay, PVP against a quite tough team

-Lili starts spamming the ping on a merc camp like hell


-few minutes later, after we got rid of hell

-"Okay, NOW is a good time to get a merc camp...."



-"!@#$ you, im getting dobloons"

And lili got killed by the enemy team, alone. (Good news is, we still won the game despite that)

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