Click the lightwell God******.

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Medivhs portals area great ability, and can be very useful in many situations... but teammates have to activate it themselves... blizz you had a problem very similar to this in a different game and we all know what happened to those "lightwells"

not to mention you can't use "we didn't want one hero to be able to control the movement of his teammates like that" because you let stiches pull his teammates without consent and let tassadar cut off his teammates escape routes. so fix it.
It's a "problem", but it's also a huge asset if you have people who know how to utilize it properly. I don't really think it's a problem.

I also loved pre auto light well. So powerful. Nothing like keeping your team topped off even though you are chain CC'd. Yeah, you'd have to tell people to use the light well, but for good players, it's really not that hard after you remind them a couple of times.

I imagine that some people will get used to it over time, and some will just always ignore it, but it's not like you can really change the functionality of how the spell works to fix their stupidity unless you want it to auto teleport them which is a lot worse in my opinion.
Now I want a Priest hero with Lightwell :D

Ooooh and Prayer of Mending!

Oooohooohoooo~ and Power Word: Shield!

We need a new support :(
Honestly make right click prioritize portal over enemy heroes, not being able to click the portal because stitches has his fat !@# in the way of the hit box is a problem.
I'm having more teammates aware of my portal and makes me happy when they can use it to secure a kill or escape. I had a great match in Infernal Shrines when our Naz was cornered and I casted portal in front of him and he died. One teammate replied after his death: "use the fcking portal"

Does anyone tried Medivh with Illidan? I think he improves his lifetime by a lot.

I wonder if there's an option to block right click on portal and make it a hotkey.

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