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Greeting all, and thanks for checking out this post. We've had such success with the last recruitment post, that we exceeded the response cap for the previous thread. This will be the new recruitment thread for MadCast Gaming. We have been extremely encouraged by the amount of people that have come from this forum to ours, and we hope to continue to draw others as well.

MadCast Gaming is a bit different than your average clan or community. Recruiting isn't our main goal. We want to play with people we enjoy playing with. Your skill level holds no weight with us. While we all love winning, having fun is the experience we are after. MadCast has been around for more than 8 years traversing many different games and genres. Maybe you play some other games such as Overwatch or Hearthstone. We've got you covered. Perhaps you dabble in games outside of the Blizzard universe (shhh we won't tell on you). We're active in many games! People having fun with people is how we've thrived for so long and we are looking to continue this winning formula in Heroes of the Storm.

Outside of regular game play we host 2 weekly events designed to bring something new and fun to our player base. We've had great success in hosting these over the past several months and look forward to seeing new faces so please feel free to check them out if they interest you.

Tuesday night Dojos: 8pm EST is when you can join us in a learning experience intended to improve your game play. What started as just a few of us working together to improve ourselves grew into one of the most well received events we've had the pleasure of hosting. Group up and play with friends in Teamspeak and at the end of the match load up the replay to evaluate your play as a group in an open floor/coach format. The choice to work on specific items such as team draft, role/hero, positioning, engaging/disengaging, map awareness/timing, etc is all up to you. You can ask questions, learn from others, critique your teammates, and a seasoned coach will be available to provide feedback and answer questions. Every Dojo has a different theme or focus, so be sure to check the website for this week's Dojo topic!

Saturday night ARAMs: Much like the League of Legends game type, All Random All Mid is something that we have ported over to HotS to enjoy. Every Saturday night at 9 PM EST we all pile into teamspeak to enjoy some for fun games. We join a custom lobby made by the admin hosting the ARAMs, and the rules are gone over with the group. The lobby is a first come first served format, and more groups will be made to facilitate overflow. The rules can be found on the MadCast website. Come let your hair down, and enjoy some good company.

You do not need to apply to play with us. In fact we encourage you to join us in game and TeamSpeak for a bit before you decide if MadCast is for you. You can find the Teamspeak info on our website. If you enjoy playing with us, great! We'd love to bring you on board. Ultimately, you decide.

So if you want to play some quick matches or even if you're just interested in Hero League, we have the people (and the skill) to make HotS an enjoyable experience. If this type of community sounds like something you are interested in you can check us out at www.madcastgaming.com or message/add Lurama#1152, Kajyu#1104, Mastodon#1733, or Angelix#1727.

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I've had a lot of fun playing Heroes with MadCast. They are quite active (there is usually a bunch of players around TeamSpeak at a given time) and have a wide variety of weekly events outside of Heroes (i.e. Overwatch). I even had the opportunity to enjoy a ton of ARAMs and participate in Team League. Plus, the members are very friendly and awesome.

Feel free to add me on Battlenet. Check out our website, and hop on to TeamSpeak.

See you in the Nexus.
Tonight we have a dojo event at 8 PM EST. Feel free to check it out.
As Kajyu mentioned, DOJO Tonight (Tuesday) at 8PM EST!

Here's the theme of tonight's Dojo:


One team will choose a map and a team comp for that map. Once they have their comp, the second team looks at the first comp and map, and creates a team using the remaining heroes available that they feel will counter the original team.

Once the game is over the second team gets to create a comp for a map of their choosing and the first team then builds the counter comp.

No bans.

I feel that this will help players to analyze team comp strengths and weaknesses and to get a feel for which heroes counter each other, and which heroes do well on specific maps.

The first team to build a comp has the advantage of getting exactly what they want for a map of their own choosing. The second team to build their comp has the advantage of being able to directly counter the first comp.

I've never had a more positive experience gaming than with this group. Get in touch with one of these guys to join us for some games!
Folks will be doing Overwatch Inhouses tonight, stop by!
Tonight we're doing Arams on the Lost Caverns map, feel free to come by!
Tuesday night is Dojo night at MadCast! If you are interested in developing a new skill or honing one you are already developing come on by at 8pm EST!

MrEpic is on a much deserved vacation so contact Kajyu#1104, Mastodon#1733, or Angelix#1727 for more information about our community!
Great show last night for the Dojo. No specific events tonight but we have a couple of groups forming for some QMs. Add Kajyu#1104, Mastodon#1733, or Angelix#1727 to get in on the action!
No events tonight, but lots of folks around for QMs/Team League. Tomorrow, there are ARAMs!
ARAMs tonight at 9 PM EST folks.

For those who may not be in the know, ARAMs are a fantastic and fun way to play HOTS.

We form two teams (or four, depending on how many players show up) on the Lost Cavern map.

Everyone selects the "random hero" option and then the shenanigans begin. This is a social event, with both teams in the same teamspeak channel, exchanging witty repartee even as our heroes exchange blows.

Everything is kept lighthearted, we always have a blast, and it's a great way to learn to play heroes you aren't familiar with.

Join us for the laughs, stay for the awesome community!
Today will be a day of rest, relaxation and QMs/Unranked. Feel free to join us in TS3 and have some fun! :)
Will be doing some QMs and Unranked. Feel free to hop on our TeamSpeak, and join in for some fun.
Today at 8PM EST we will be hosting our HOTS dojo event, where every week we tackle on a different theme for learning and improvement.

Hop on our TeamSpeak if you are interested, we would be happy to help answer your questions.
Got a bunch of folks in TeamSpeak up for some games of HOTS. Check us out in TeamSpeak for some QMs and such.
I'm sure some of you folks play OverWatch as well as HOTS. We are having an OverWatch inhouse event tonight. Check out our website and TeamSpeak if you are interested.
Nothing planned tonight, but there will be some QMs!
It is time for Saturday night ARAMs at 9 PM EST. Explore the Lost Caverns map as one of many purple folks, and revel in the randomness and mayhem that is bound to ensue.
ARAMs tonight at 9 EST! Join us for the laughs, stay for the community!
Logging on for some QMs!

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