Warcraft 4 The Prophecy

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I see that WOW is losing its subscriber each year,so my plan is Blizzard to develop Warcraft 4 to carry on WOW stories,I have no doubt alot of people will buy it..Warcraft 3 die-hard fans and WoW player will buy it..even better make future WOW expansion to be interesting but end with cliffhanger,THEN release Warcraft 4,this will force them to buy Warcraft 4 cause they wanna know what happen next..swarm of people will buy it..

In the meantime secretly make WOW 2 while improving Warcraft 4 with patch and expansion,make Warcraft 4 campaign end with intense cliffhanger too.You guys would be probably still working on WOW 2,BOOOM...Warcraft Movie to the rescue and continue Warcraft 4 stories after its intense cliffhanger,movie sequel after sequel,No doubt alot of people would watch it (especially China),and finally end the movie sequel with AGAIN,Cliffhanger,and then..finally..WOW 2 emerge...*badummttssssssss*.......

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