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Hi folks,

I need help from the ground up. I'm actually very unknowledgable about what is good vs bad when it comes to computer brands/parts... I'm really only good at playing the games haha.

So I'd like to budget for around $1000-$1500 and not go over that. Can I get a something pretty good for that, and what should I get?
Absolutely you can get a beasty comp for that. build it yourself.

i5 6600

1060gtx 6gb

z170 gaming mother board - ATX

2x8gb ripsaw RAM

650-1000w power supply

Pick up a good processor cooler

any case will do as long as it fits ATX boards. you can go fancy led for some extra bucks.

this will probably be around 1200-1500 US and will run most new titles on ultra.

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