Sick of Towers of Doom

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Every match I play(6 straight), is towers of doom. I know it's RNG, but just remove the lame map please. Go ahead and troll me or w/e, idc but the map is moose piss. Thank you.
it's one of the best maps
Honestly, I sorta feel like I could like Towers if you were actually able to directly attack enemy cores. You are not, however, making this the sole objective-only map. As such, I assert it should be its own, separate game mode.

EDIT: Just got it twice in a row. That's two matches where I was locked out of the game, 'cause I ain't playin' that crap.
Towers of Doom has never been one I enjoy, but I'll take it over Blackheart's Bay any day, and I have mixed feelings about Garden of Terror.

They need to give us some kind of map veto. Everyone has different preferences, and I have several friends who hate Towers.
I never liked garden of terror but i thought it was perfectly balanced. All this towers of doom all the time just makes me sad.

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