10 vote MvP

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Anyone seen someone get 10 votes for MvP?

Just saw one in my last match but agree with the teammates I was with that I had never seen it before.

Seen 8 or even 9 a few times but never 10.

Would be interesting to have an Avatar Badge for getting 10 votes.
Few times, but only few. Usually I dont vote at all, unless someone is really good or I deserve that vote myself.
I'm not sure, but after many games I ended thinking that when someone votes for himself that vote is shown only to that player and not the others (that would explain why I usually see only 5-6 votes out of 10 players), so to get 10 you should be the one to collect the other 9 votes and then vote for yourself. But that is just my idea on it.
Seen it 4-5 times out of ~70 games.
i had 10 with full shield artanis ,i even took pic of every mvp i remembered.

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