Machines of War: Maps of Cancer

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Everyone pretty much agree's that Braxis Holdout is a worse version of Haunted Mines in regards to how quickly it snowballs. Even after you changed the early game stats on the Zerg units, it's still bad.

Warhead Junction is even more of a joke than BH. Nukes hold too much of a sway on the outcome of the game. No other map rewards taking objectives as much as WJ does. A single Nuke does far too much damage early game, forts are lost far too early because of this. When 4 nukes spawn at once it's pretty much whoever is ahead from the first round gets 3 while the other team gets 1. There's far less chance of a comeback in WJ, far more swing in map control and far too much late game cheese potential as well. 2 Late game Nukes and your team can bum rush an open core for the win, with the opposing team having little chance to stop it.

Nerf early game nukes, spawn only 2 at a time, nerf late game nukes.
Blizzard took a garbage desing and took an additional dump on it. No suprise. It was pretty clear even from the trailer.
I disagree, the map is way better than Braxis and is in fact balanced, I just had a match today where we came back from an almost certain defeat.

Maybe you need to...git gud?
Yes please cut out the cancer, i miss having fun playing this game.

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