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The new maps feature map specific bosses that fit to the individual maps and have unique attacks.

Braxis Holdhout --> Viking
Warhead Junction --> Swarm Host
Towers of Doom --> Headless Horseman

The older maps though use the Grave Golem bosses, that are slightly adapted visually but are basically the same and use the same sort of attacks (AOE around them and a root). Or they use those Sphinx like bosses with those small tornados.

I think each map should have its own unique boss:

Tomb of the Spider Queen --> This boss looks the like one from Sky Temple. Very Egyptian. Why not really add a huge tarantula, a scorpion or another boss with some sort of web attack?

Sky Temple --> Fine, it fits to the map.

Cursed Hollow --> Some sort of Harvest Golem or Scarecrow would fit much better which some sort of raven swarm attack.

Blackheart's Bay --> A King Crab or huge tortoise would also fit better than the Grave Golem.

Haunted Mines --> Here the Grave Golem fits.

And Garden of Terror and Dragon Shire both have their own bosses or hero controlled bosses already, although the model of the Garden Terror looks like the one of the Grave Golem and it also (as a boss) has the same attacks as the Grave Golem. Some visual update would be cool there, too.
BB could have an Octopus or something.

Also, I would like to see new mercenaries for BB, GoT, CH, TosQ.

Leave the egyptian and the "knights" for SK and DS, and add others (or at least an skin modification) for the other maps. Specially BB.

-Bruisers: Sirens, or some sort of Nagas. The same pattern, 3 melee and one ranged.
-Siege: crabs, turtles, or something different from the current siege ones.
-Boss: and Octopus that summons tentacles to help the pushing and to punish heroes would be nice.

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