Blackheart's bay would be alot better...

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blackheart's bay would be alot better, IMO, if you nixed the chest's that appeared, but kept the coins from mercenaries and the pirate camps that exist solely for coins.

As it is, its very snowbally, and pretty much full on objective based; But if you removed the 2 treasure chests that spawn periodically, it would be far more balanced in how important pushing like a normal Moba is and how important Objectives would be for victory: Without the chests pushing coins into the game, the main source of coins would be from merc camps, which have a more symbiotic relationship with the normal pushing of towers.

at the same time, it would throttle back snowballing from the canons while STILL keeping them very important (as ganking people at blackheart would still contribute to the game, just not AS much).

I know blizzard wants this game to be super objective based, but they're really going overboard on it: keep it nice and balanced so there's MULTIPLE ways to win (Either by pushing or claiming objectives), and removing the Chests would make this map feel infinitely more enjoyable and balanced IMO.

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