Can we please be able to set a Map Preference?

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In Starcraft II, I absolutely loved the ability to downvote 1 or two maps from your map pool so you didnt have to play them. If you didn't like the playstyle of a map, that didn't have to negatively influence your experience.

Personally, I abhor Warhead Junction. I really can't stand it, and I can't wait for the game to be over as soon as it loads. Can we please have a way to downvote a map so we don't have to deal with a single map we hate?

Yes, I understand this could be problematic in that certain heroes are weak on certain maps, so you could just downvote the one your character isnt especially strong at.
I agree that seems like a good idea, but another problem would be that unlike SC you have 10 players, so if everyone downvotes different maps you'll end up with not many options (if any at all, right now the map rotation is 6 or 7 maps I think).
Of course that could be fixed by just making downvoted maps a lot less likely to be chosen but not impossible.
I think it's been suggested before, and I really wish they'd hurry up and implement it.
Please Please Please Blizzard. This Warhead Junction map makes me want to stop playing your game. Please let me play your game, which I enjoy quite a bit, without having to deal with hating 1/5 of the games I'm in

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