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Hi my blizzard peeps :) I have an idea for a new blizzard game if someone else hasn't else had the idea yet but i want to make my known to the public. Blizzard has almost every type of genre of game but a fighting combat game. Heroes of the storm touched up on it but i want more of a 1v1 match with our favorite heroes of the blizzard universe with a mortal kombat and tekken field which both games are huge with there own fan base and keep releasing new versions of themself. Heros of the storm does a good job but when i play it i dont feel i use the full potential of each hero i know is capable of. Along with some should move faster or slower or strength is weaker or stronger then other instead of a balance all around. example would be Goro vs Lucian each different play style strengths and speeds but still a balance weres should be a big style of play and balance between Azmodan vs Illidan. And there ultimates will be upgraded to full specials in the 1v1 style like a full anamation with illidan going metamorphosis or Lich king summoning sindragosa doing tons of games or as a battle pet for a few seconds. Anyways tons ideals for the game but my main idea is getting an game like that out there alot of people love the fighting style of games and for me heroes of the storm is just a tease and a sliver of its potential where i feel more of a 1v1 combat style is the best way to go it will definitely open up another type of players to the blizzard universe which is the main goal of blizzard to keep expanding and reaching out to other players :) if anyone thinks this is a good ideal please repost or share or bump or whatever so blizzard can take a look at this idea :)

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