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The moment I saw the In Development trailer showing Braxis Holdout and the upcoming Warhead Junktion I thought "Yes! YES! This is what I wanted from Heroes of the Storm since the beginning!" And no. I'm not talking about whether maps are balanced or not. This thread is not about that topic so please don't bother to start. This thread is about the overall aesthetics, visuals and look of the maps in Heroes of the Storm.

When I first heard about Blizzard making their own MOBA, or "Hero Brawler" as they like to call it and to be honest it's not a bad term, I was excited. Not only because I could play heroes such as Thrall, Kerrigan, Diablo, Arthas etc. but also because of the maps. The game was not gonna have only one map like the more traditional old school MOBAs do but multiple of them with different map objectives. I was so excited to see maps based on Blizzard universes. I mean Blizzard uses their well known and loved characters with lore we have played as or played against in their games as heroes in Hots so it only makes sense that we'll also have maps based on some of the locations of their other games, right? Maps like the current StarCraft maps and the Heaven vs Hell maps from Diablo universe.

But no. Instead we get some boring and generic looking fantasy maps in this realm known as "The Nexus" (very creative) we don't give two rats' piss about. Maps like Dragon Shrine, Cursed Hollow, Blackheart's Bay, Garden of Terror etc. And no. They're not "Warcraft" maps. Not at all. I don't see Alliance or Horde banners, orc grunts, human footmen or night elven sentinels or even places like Warsong Gulch or other easily recognizable locations from Warcraft III/WoW. All I see is generic fantasy maps that have zero connection to any Blizzard games.

Blizzard. You didn't need to be creative here. All you needed to do was make maps like what you're giving us now with Machines of War and previously in the Eternal Conflict events (although you could have made Infernal Shrines and Battlefield of Eternity to look different aesthetically)! You got your great games and their universes offering you these neat and iconic easily recognizable locations on a silver platter. And you haven't taken advantage of that until NOW?! They had two ways to be unoriginal with their map ideas when it comes to looks:

1. Make maps based on their great games and their universes all their fans know and love

Or 2. Make some lazy uninspired generic fantasy world maps with zero connection to their major game titles

And they picked #2 because... REASONS!?! I bet for anything that if Blizzard had asked us which option we wanted them to pick I think we all know which one would have been the obvious winner. It's so plain damn obvious!

Anyway, you're on the right track, Blizzard. I know you're not going to do this because it would be too much work and all. But you know what I would really like? If you reskinned the current "Nexus" maps completely to look like Warcraft/StarCraft/Diablo/Overwatch maps.

Let's take Dragon Shrine for example. That could be made to look like the red wasteland of Hellfire Peninsula from Outland, WoW. The shrines you need to capture are the PvP flag sites and the Dragon Knight could be the big Fel Reaver who roamed around the zone in the game. I'm quite sure that everyone who played WoW during the Burning Crusade remembers that big bastard very well. One side is Alliance's Honor Hold sending human footmen, mages and high elven rangers and the other Horde's Thrallmar with orc grunts, blood elven mages and troll axe throwers.

I personally also want to see a map based on the frozen continent of Northrend and Warsong Gulch map. Sky Temple could work as Silithus with Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj-looking map. Towers of Doom could have worked as Scarlet Monastery one side being Scarlet Crusaders and the other undead Scourge. That Monastery is the place where you find and kill the Headless Horseman during Hollow's End event anyway so it's only fitting. Kinda strange how Warcraft is Blizzard's biggest franchise and yet Hots doesn't have even one single real Warcraft map in it...

What about you, folks? What kind of maps would you like to see when it comes to aesthetics and looks? How would you reskin the current Nexus maps if you got the power to do so?
I have played Wow so many years, that the maps should definetely not be copies of Wow areas.

But the maps could have more variety in the play zone, too. If there is mostly some sand or grass or floor whole map, it is boring. The new Braxis map has only couple of holes where you see the space through. There could be more variety in the map area itself. The pirate map is good, because there are piers and water and actual ship in the middle. In Braxis there is a boss in the middle, but you usually end up standing on a flat circle elsewhere.

It gets boring to walk on level flat land all the time. That started to be problem also in Wow. The dungeons in Classic and Wotlk were way better as they were more diverse. You needed to walk on catwalks and go up and down in buildings etc. In later expansions the dungeons had more and more huge corridors which had basically mainly flat dull floor. Now this newest map is like the most flattest map. Large and flat.

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