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Is each player limited to carry one nkue at a time?
I don't think they said that in either the Battleground Spotlight or the loading screen tips thingy.

But when I played today I was Gall and my Cho assured me he couldn't pick a nuke when he already had one, which is a disadvantage since I confirmed Gall can't pick one of his own.

if this is the case, then how about The Lost Vikings? are they limited to one nuke for all, or can they pick up to three (one each)? that would be nuts!
Its 1 nuke per body (Excepting Rexxar/Misha where only Rexxar can carry one)

It is a very good TLV map and not so great of a Cho'Gall map for this reason, but also because of how huge the map is.

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