Hell on Towers Map

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So I just quit out of a 35 min hell on the Towers Map. I was playing with four friends on quick match and the enemy team was simply better than ours. However, with a 4 level lead and the ability to cap 1 of 2 objectives to finish us off, they refused to end the game and just started farming us for the next 9 minutes.

We were basically stuck in our base because when we moved out they just hooked someone w Stitches, ate them, killed them immediately, and outfought us time and time again. We couldn't even use the center lane teleport because they kept tabs on it at all times. Our wills were completely broken, we weren't having fun, and we couldn't start a new game because they wouldn't end this one.

We all ended up having to quit, so we're the ones getting flagged for leaving. This experience was terrible. I already don't play quick match much and this made sure I don't do it again for a very long time.

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