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I just had a live chat with GM Pelzzakka, the most awesome and skillful GM in HOS, and he asked me to create this new topic here to let the developers know about my issue. It is currently unsolvable, and a lot of people are asking or requesting the same feature:

-To make skins or even heroes transferable between regions.
-Add a feature where customers pay a small fee to transfer skins or heroes owned between regions.

It is currently not possible to transfer anything between regions such as skins purchased, owned heroes, or any game progress. Therefore, I thought it would be great to add this feature, because I believe no one wants lose all the skins they purchased and start over again if they move to another country.

*My Story*
I have recently purchased a Tychus skin on Asia Server in Heros of The Storm. I live in the U.S. but I have been playing Asia Server for quite a while because my friend lives in Taiwan.

However, recently it is getting much more laggy playing in Asia server, and yesterday it got to a point where it was unplayable due to the hug delate-ness.

I would repurchase my Tuchus skin , but I brought it on 9/26/16, when it was still on sale for 50% off. Now the sales already ended and I wouldn't want to pay full price to buy the same skin which I already owned in another region...

Please consider my request and thank you!
+1 I would like this especially since I have friends elsewhere and tend to move around a lot myself, if I decide to settle in another region it would suck to be locked out of my purchases.

I wouldn't even mind a compromise and have to grind out anything I paid with gold again but give us our cash purchases at least.

Got friends in the states I'd love to play with but simply can't.

Overwatch managed to do it just fine!

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