I do NOT like restricted battleground selection in QM

Battleground Feedback
Sure, for a few days (or weeks) have the percentage chance for the newest one (with Braxis and Warhead, newest two) be higher than the rest so we can try it--but don't drop older ones for no reason.

An advantage of HeroesotS over other MOBAs is the variety. The restricted pool harms that, while not really emphasizing the the new battlegrounds the right way.

I am OK with most maps, but I am getting sick of Towers of Doom b/c I get it so often right now.
Agreed, in QM I thnk it would be cool to have all the maps unlocked. If they want to rotate for ranked/unranked that's cool, but in QM I think it should be everything. That is kind of what the mode is about IMO. random comps, not knowing what map you are getting, and it should be all maps to choose from.
Agree 100%. Don't drop battlegrounds from rotation in QM.

re-add Haunted Mines.
Agreed, it's kinda late now and we'll just have to be patient for a few more weeks (most probably), but Blizz needs to come up with a better way to showcase new maps before next time they add some.

I also miss Haunted Mines... Playing vs AI in HM as Gazzlowe with the passive ult and "racing" against my own team's 100 skull Golem to try to demolish the other lane faster... It was some of the most fun I've had in any online game XD

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