Warhead Junction feedback

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First off, i am a big fan of the map. I think it's put well together, and opens for a large variety of team combos. How ever, the nukes really need to change.

The damage from them should be cut in half, and the cast time doubled and made interuptable. Right now it's just too easy to walse up and drop them, and the games tend to be very snow balling and short. At half dmg and dubble cast time, they would still be a powerfull tool in a group push, but not as viable as a solo hero run in and demolish a complete fort/tower section.
Yea, it feels like there is not that much contesting of picked up, because the cast time is so short. If someone picked one they can soon use it and it is gone. Maybe it is intended as such to attack also heros, though. But they might not be used so, because they are so valuable to be used on buildings and heros can side step.

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