David Brevik joins GGG's Path of Exile to go toe to toe with Diablo

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And in case you lived under the rock for the last 20 years, David Brevik was a creator of famous and successful Diablo 1 and 2.

But then he didn't fit well into Activision Blizzard plans so they let him go just like that.

I really hope and wish them the best success. You guys at Blizzard got financial backbone to create proper Diablo 2 successor, smashing GGG to bits. But your desire to simplifying gameplay mechanics and catering to casuals will eventually leads to your downfall. At least in aRPG area.
You'd expect something like that by a company run by liberals. Catering to pugs in spite of the experienced.
(In case you wonder, I'm not a conservative either)
poe is decent but far from great in my opinion.

diablo 3 is just terrible, no doubt about it at all. the lack of trading dumbs it down so much for me. no choice but to play the current meta sets and farm small number upgrades like a moron only to finish a grift 93 instead of a grift 89. as if that mattered or made the game better somehow. god, just talkin about that disgrace of a game makes me angry.
Cool story, bro. What chapter do you go to the Diablo forums about it instead of wasting our time here?
Advisor for the China release..

What a letdown.
Who needs new games. Diablo 2 still the best and it's being remade on the SC2 engine. Look up Curse of Tristram. Can't wait
^ It plays like utter crap because it's in the SC2 engine.

I mean the guy could do more work on it, but it still won't feel like a real game; just like Starcraft Universe.

We have to have D2 actually remastered (or resolution unlocked; I'd go back to it with just that.. I know there was a resolution mod, but it's for an older version and who'd play that?).

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