Drastic differences in placement when duoqueing.

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I elected to do my placement matches with my girlfriend this season as playing solo in the preseason was less than desirable for us. The problem is that I placed well in the preseason and she did not due to a lot of her matches involving trolls.

We played through our 10 matches together, her as support/tank, me as specialist/assassin. The matches were hard and besides a few trolls we got we ended up with 6 won and 4 lost. During this time we mostly faced gold and plat players on our teams. My gf managed to pull in several MVPs in those matches by playing the least liked role in the game. However, when it came time to being ranked I place Platinum 1 and she placed Silver 2.

This does not make sense to me. She faced the same people I did and played better than me in some cases but because of her preseason or some nebulous algorithms that weigh her performance against that of other players on our team she ended up placing 10 ranks away from me. Why is this a thing that happens, and the best answer I got to it from support is that if she is that good then she should have no problems reaching my rank. Except why does she need to, I would like to have more transparency in what the ranking mechanics are because being screwed out of the rank and rewards you deserve is a rather terrible experience. Not knowing exactly why makes it even worse.
I already got my promotion to Silver 1 just after 2 matches, but the difference between gold/plat and silver is pretty obvious. There is less communication and more mistakes (tried to convince my team not to focus ETC in both matches, lol)

I do best with tank or support, I can also play a few assassins, but that is unlikely to happen, as in silver you often get two mages right away.
Poor solo supportmain, but I only have 6 ranks to go now to play with my boyfriend without getting less gains for a win.

So yeah, bottom line clearly is, that the placement in pre-season chains you down real hard.

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