Silencing on accounts needs to change!

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A friend of mine was silenced last night for over 1 month. The fact that this length of penalty even exists is absurd but the reasons why and the review process is even worse.

I am sure we have all been in games where people argue about strategy or call people is not uncommon for this to occur. My friend plays a lot of characters that may not be "meta" or "in" right now but he is really good at them. Just for choosing a character in draft people will attack you. He deals with a lot of verbal abuse in game just based on his character selection alone. I feel that it is unfair and that he is often times lured into these types of arguments. Other times people argue about a bad decision or bad play in game. I actually he was silenced after he defended me and after someone called me an idiot for dying one time in the game. Yeah, maybe I shouldn't have but guess what, we've all made poor plays in the game at one time or another.

To be fair his personality does get in the way a little bit and he is easily coaxed into getting involved in arguments. I understand that completely. But the fact is, there are in game options to mute players or have a mature language filter on for those who do not wish to speak to certain people or limit their exposure. So if people really do not wish to hear from someone or argue then it takes about 2 seconds to mute them.

For this reason I think that silences should not be given based on someone having a simple argument or defending themselves or others. Yeah there might be some horrible things said but after all it is the internet and we all know what we are getting into.

It is not right to silence players who have played the game for 2+ years since Alpha for such a long time when we have such a struggling community for HotS in the first place. Please post if you agree and maybe we can get this changed.
10/10/2016 06:07 PMPosted by VuDu

To be fair his personality does get in the way a little bit and he is easily coaxed into getting involved in arguments.

End of discussion. If your friend can't keep his emotions in check then too bad.
Cool, thanks for reading the rest of it.
I agree, current reasons for account silence are ridiculous. You literally can't say anything without getting reported. Then when you appeal they find the 1 thing you said in the last month that even hints at profanity (which is covered by the MLF) and say you "violated terms". Fix the current system or start policing it better. Look at the entire context of conversation instead of looking for the 1 word or acronym that represents a profanity.

Or best option just remove chat.
100% sure this game gonna die because of silence system one day or antoher if they don't change it.

Let's take a look at Riot, a game with 100 millions unique active player:
-No silence but just chat restriction, they let you use chat once a while per game during the penalty.
-you can play ranked cause why not after all, what makes a silenced player not competitive? this is just plain stupid.
-you only get chat restricted an amount of games, not a !@#$ing whole duration, which just punish HARD people who play the game a lot, because: more games = the more you get reported being justified or not, the point is silence penality should be applied at a certain amount of games, not a duration)
-Pretty sure that Riot reset your chat ban multiplier if you don't get yourself reported for a long period, in HoTS if you get let's a month silence, just prepare for the 2 months silence, then 4 motnhs, and so on.

Tl;dr: Silence ruining the game experience, it doesn't work well, it punishes active players, it's abusable and besides, toxicity is still here, but we can deal with it just fine, unfortunately we can't deal with a stupid system
They dont allow silenced player to play in ranked because in ranked mode you have to communicate and silenced players cant do that.

Then they silence away all those who communicate in ranked.

Now that's logical...
Maybe an option for players to allow playing and communication with silenced players? Similar to the mature language filter option. This would still allow players to be protected from silenced players to assure a decent quality of game. However those who do not care about what is said in chat can still play and chat with them, just in a different sort of game away from those players who do care about what is said. Maybe the option could be linked to parental controls so that non-adults can be protected from inappropriate content.

The length of the silence increases with each offense. A month long silence hints that he may have been silenced before. To avoid this in future it might be a good idea to only chat when necessary (strategy suggestions, hero pick discussion etc) and refrain from blaming or entering heated discussions with other players.
I like the silence system. Far less flamers that undermine team spirit. Games hardly become flame fests any more. Teams can focus far better this way.

The only drawback is that these forums sound like a bad prison movie: everybody's innocent and it's all the system's fault. If knowing when to shut up, a vital skill in life, is too much: see a shrink. Nobody is forcing people to flame so take responsibility for your actions.

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