The most annoying heroes to fight against

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- Gazlowe
- Li Ming
- Tracer
- Zagara
- Vikings
THe only heroes among those you listed that is really annoying is Tracer. Aiming skill shots on that one is a pain.

Li Ming is just a normal burst DPS like any other mages, except she has a better tendency to snowball a team fight. In returns, most of her damage skills can be dodged, and she doesnt have much crowd control (unlike Jaina who slows everyone and KT who can stun).

Playing against LM is much about not dying first. If one of your teammates dies first while none of them are low yet, you better retreat. If you make a kill first, LM's damage suddenly wont seem so OP anymore.

TLV, Zagara and Gazlowe? It seems you have a problem versus Specialists. I have no information about those Gazlowe and Zagara playstyles, but Id assume you have problem with soaking in general.

For me, the most annoying hero to play against is Illidan, partly because I play Illidan much, and very frequently support my buddy who mains Illidan, so I know how much of a pain a pro Illidan can be. Nothing short of a 5-man concerted effort will be able to counter a pro Illidan.

would probebly be the one i hate most to face
10/10/2016 09:43 PMPosted by Karo

TLV, Zagara and Gazlowe? It seems you have a problem versus Specialists.


I have no problems versing Specialists, they're just pathetic to play against, hence the word "annoying" in the subject. It wasn't a discussion about which are difficult to play against.
Thrall 1v1 during laning phase.
A good Tracer against mages during mid-late game.
I actually think Lunara needs a buff ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
(seriously, her talent diversity, especially her wisp, is total garbage)

But I agree on Illi, Without stuns, and especially with r-click assassins, he's really a pain.
Also I hate Abathur's mine build.

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