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Hi, I've been playing this game for almost a year now and since a while back I see myself wanting to quit playing it everyday, here's why:

-QM Matchmaking is very unbalanced: the team compositions are always messed up IMO, you need to apply a system to reward players for playing a certain type of hero aside from daily quests.

-Afk/Leave punishment is too forgiving: It's absolutely amazing how many players leave mid-game, in 1 every 3 games i play at least one player leaves and IMO it's getting out of control, the punishment should be preventing the player from queuing at all for periods of time and acumulating it for repeated cases.

-No Surrender option: If a player leaves on your team there should be a surrender option, i can't begin to count how many times the match is already lost and i'm stuck wasting my time finishing a stupid lost game with one or two useless bots. Please make a surrender option just for this case, if a player leaves, give us a way out of that nightmare.

Please do something about these matters, for the game has become VERY unpleasant.
I've been playing this game for a couple years, so let me explain a couple things, and it might help you out:

Team compositions are only messed up on Quick Match. Use the Unranked Draft game mode instead. It will allow your team to choose its own composition.

If players are leaving your games, it's because they're not ranked. Play Hero League and you'll find leavers significantly more rare because they have something at stake. Players playing QM are doing it for funsies and just don't care.

Your team should never surrender. The game actually rewards the losing team (less exp) with extra experience for kills and penalizes the team with more exp. It's always possible to catch up.
In response to "team compositions are only messed up on Quick Match", what i'm trying to say is that there should be no play mode that has messed up things man, I don't play Unranked because it takes a lot longer to queue.

If players in quick match are playing for "funsies" then leaving should be Depenalized entirely so that "fun" fellows can gtfo whenever they want and if they do, you can do so as well avoiding endless horror story lost games, leading me to the last point.

Have you EVER played with a bot in your team? When i'm playing a game my main concern is not the experience points i'm getting but the experience as a gamer (I want to have fun) and dude at least for me, it's no fun when the bot goes apesiht 1v4 or get's itself in stupid situations, true you can ping the bot to "lead" it in your desired direction but still the AI makes horrible plays all the time.

I'm absolutely with you on the "no surrender" theme, I've done some nice comebacks with a full team commited to never quit, but try convincing a bot or two to give the best of themselves.
Unranked games have longer queue's and "quick" match has shorter queues? I wonder if the system is designed to compromise certain things so that a game is made "quickly".

if they made QM this way the would have to remove "quick" from the name and people would still complain about compositions. Having QM wait to build half decent team comps would invalidate it's purpose and it might as well be removed as a feature. It would be more balanced yes but then it would be even slower than just queuing for unranked / draft.

The whole reason we even have Unranked is because it was the absolute solution to these issues via giving players entire control over the process and is basically QM but with draft. The queues are generally similar but obviously Quick match is quicker because it makes these compromises.

I wonder if placing Unranked before quick match might sort some of the perceived superiority of QM as an option and get more people in Unranked lol.
I went from QM to unraked. We where solo silvers vs plat and gold 2+3.

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