Cursed Hollow tribute RNG element sometimes snowballs

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There's this strategy that everyone knows on Cursed Hollow: At 2:00 send 1 or 2 men to get the Siege Giant Camp on your side of the map.
Let's say you are on the right side, your camp will push the bottom lane. If the first tribute (which spawns between 2:20 to 2:45, all RNG) spawns on top, you can drag the tribute fight for as long as you can allowing the Sieging Giants to push and get a tower or two.
Basically, the left team will want first tribute to spawn at bottom, and vice versa.

Let say the first tribute spawns at BottomMid location, it's more than likely that the left team will get it.
Then if the 2nd tribute spawns on the left side of the map, they again have a better chance of capturing the tribute because they can run back, tap the well, then continue fighting while the opponents cant. Even better if the 2nd tribute spawns at TopLeft location, because the left team's top and middle healing wells are both pretty near.
That's almost like 2 free tribute thanks to RNG alone, no skill needed.

Later on, when both team and doing their boss and the tribute spawns, the team nearer to the boss has pretty much 100% chance of getting that tribute along with the boss. There's no way the other team can run from one boss to the other boss and contest it. If they choose to give up their boss and contest the tribute they will risk both losing team fight and tribute while the boss strolls down their lane.
Totally RNG, no skill needed. What if that's a curse point? A boss upon a curse totally thanks to RNG and the defending team can do nothing about it...

Cursed Hollow is the only map where Im not confident calling shots, because the RNG always fruck up everything...

Another scenario: Left team wins 1 teamfight and goes for Bottom boss (their boss). Right team cant do anything about it and they dont have enough men to take their own boss, so they just run around clearing lanes, soaking, getting merc or whatever.
Left team finishes bottom boss, tribute spawns on top. Right team forced to defend boss (if right team goes top to contest tribute, left team can just drag the fight for as long as possible while boss does the damage), left team gets both bosses and a tribute thanks to just 1 teamfight because RNG decides that tribute spawns on top.
If that tribute spawns on bottom instead, the left team would still get 1 boss plus 1 tribute OR another boss, but not both. The RNG alone decided to add on the snowball, and the losing team can do nothing about it...

In no other map can the RNG element in map objective spawning favor one team so much over the other like Cursed Hollow.

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