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looks? 10/10 these maps look and feel fantastic and made me giggle with glee(kinda sad the protoss have not made an appearance... jesus just change one side to be protoss instead of both being terrans? like the diablo themes?)

But hot damn in hell they snowball like its Christmas every day! Braxis just needs a simple change in how the zerg are spawned I think, like having to stay on the point, the objective going FAR SLOWER or going half speed if only one point is held either way something needs to happen.

Warhead on the other hand... maps far too big after you just lowered the movement speed... but lets talk nukes. I like nukes. You like nukes. EVERYBODY loves a good ol nuke but they really are too good, I'm fine with them being strong its just they're too easy to use and don't offer any risk to the player at all!
A few things I thought of to map the map less snowballs
1) reveal the player holding the nuke on the map
2) make the back forts immune to nuke damage until the front three are down (to stop inta 4 nuke core rushes)
3) stun the player for the ENTIRE duration of the launch
4) disable firing nukes at fog of war covered areas so you have you remove the gates to get to the tasty forts inside?
5) I thought of this because in my mind it'd be hilarious to watch the sheer panic... Instead of dropping the beacon thingy when you die have the nuke launched at the point where the hero holding it would have dropped it? really make that team who's been stocking up on nukes feel bad when a chain reaction kills everybody!
one or multiple of these things could be good or bad I'm not sure, so what do you think? any ideas you like or do not or what do you think could be changed to make these maps stop being a "awww not this map again"
to "hell yeah I love this map!"
The warheads map is indeed quite large, but I don't think it is too much of a problem. The map is done well, but it feels a bit barren and the theme is not very exhilarating either. The structures feel scattered and small now. For example the pirate map is proportionally more sound. It feels like there is a lot of desert to travel.

Speaking about travel: Now the horse riding feels somewhat waste of time to load up, as you walk almost as fast as the horse.

Then why there appear so many objectives at the same time, like what 5 at the same time? For some parts it feels like contesting the objectives, but sometimes it feels more like go get at least one of them. Then go launch while the enemy launches theirs at the far bottom.
I dislike both of the starcraft maps. they are both too large, which isn't a problem in itself. But when the objectives are spread across the map and are this strong it becomes one.

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