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So today I was silenced for saying st_u in chat. I was informed of this after an appeal and it was the only line of chat they could find. Ironically I was most likely saying it in defense of myself. My concern is what is the point of the mature language filter if we can be silenced for the use of an acronym that merely hints at the use of a profanity?

Furthermore people abuse the reporting system. You cannot tell someone they are doing anything wrong in any way without getting reported for "abusive chat". I've been told I'm being toxic merely by telling someone what they are doing wrong. I'm sure I was reported shortly after.

My point is stop silencing people for things that the mature language filter can take care of. That's what its there for.
I agree, read my post I just made before yours.
Well like you said you only swore because most likely you where defending yourself lol.

In short I think you lie.

I swear, yell and am constantly fighting with someone since alpha. Was reported daily since atleast three times a day and have never been silenced. The one thing I notice about people who get silenced is they are always a victim and when I was in a game with someone who was silenced they spammed pings constantly when someone did something the silenced player didnt want them to do. Also a guy I was playing with got way to personal insult all you want but dont get personal, most people don't care about swearing or cursing at each other but grow up and dont get personal.

It is always those who say they picked wrong, didnt go to object or do what I told them to do.

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