Russians get their own servers

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Can russian people get their own servers?

i am kinda tierd of ending up playing with 2-4 russian that doesnt speak a word English.

and its a team game, won by working together and communicate.

and so many games i have been ignorred or reported cuse i dont understand them or ask them to speak English.

Russia is a big country so why not give them their own servers so they dont have to care about people wanting them to speak English.
Agree +1
same with mexican
Опять расистов подвезли?)))

10/06/2016 06:23 PMPosted by Zypher
Russia is a big country so why not give them their own servers

HOTS isn't so polular in russia. There will be empty servers, i guarantee this.

Learn russian language mates, lol.
Dude, I completely agree with you and I'm from Russia... lol
would be nice to be able to speak, read and write Russian.

but no time to study a language, and would take a long time to easy understand everything as i do with English.

EU servers - most speak English, heck even Thos stubborn French people learn English in some decent mathers, and id say that's a rarity :P

6 out of 10 French people speak English in HotS

1 out of 30 Russian people speak English in HotS

from what i have seen so far.


so you gota see my point i play on EU server and expect people to speak English so we can communicate, for best game experience and possibility to win.

English aint my native language, yet i chose to speak/write it in HotS.

Heck i could speak my native language Swedish but i doubt that less than 5% of the people i play with will even know what language i am speaking.
they also need to make it so that when I select a region it keeps me in that region.

i've had to play with people from south america and australia when im up in north america. the lag is a nightmare where i am forced to not play and they are stuck with a bot. It's a lose/lose situation and it should not occur.
10/10/2016 12:12 AMPosted by Zypher
1 out of 30 Russian people speak English in HotS
You're definitely wrong. I see way more portugal/spanish (I assume it is?) guys writing something in chat than russian. I don't like when people speak non-international language on international server, too. And I rarely see french. I played a french MMO for quite awhile, so I can recognize it.

But to be fair, you just don't recognize russians when they don't speak russian. Probably, they're just more stubborn when you trying to ask them speak english.

Я знаю, русский и мой родной язык.

It's a way bigger of a problem in DotA2, tho :)

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