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The number of maps in the current game is increasing at a steady rate, Blizzard seems to keep popping out an extra 2-3 a year.

We have encountered the same issue, which happened with WoW and it's ever increasing number of battlegrounds - people have established their favorites and have grown to dislike or even hate at least a few of these maps.

Map rotations is not the solution. Just imagining the stars align and having all the maps I disliked bunched together for an entire season gives me the chills.

The solution is simple - the same that was done with WoW would work fine.

Just give players the ability to optionally blacklist 2-3 maps.

Even if further down the road Blizzard wants to consistently opt for map rotations, they should still implement the option to blacklist a few of them.

Players have been asking this for a long time and now seems like the right time.

From what I've gathered both in-game and on the forums, most of the players would rather stay alt tabbed in the queue for an extra minute, than play a match on a map, they have grown to hate, which might end up dragging out for ~30 minutes and even if that said match ends up as a win, would surely still leave a nasty aftertaste.

Also obligatory #HauntedMinesMatters
You have my vote. Every time Warhead Junction pops up, I want to just force quit Heroes of the Storm. But then I'd ruin the game for 9 other people. Instead, Im just miserable for 25 minutes and immediately close HotS after the game
They have this in Starcraft II (and I think there are fewer maps in a SC2 season than there are in HotS), so why not here? I can't imagine it would be a terribly complex thing to implement, and it would make a lot of players happy never (or at least very rarely) having to see the map they hate again.

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